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Usage of Public Facilities

  • Assessment Items 
    Public facility usage in institutions (variety, convenience)
    Promotion and efficiency of public facility usage in institutions
    Project Aims
    Put public resources to good use
    1. Mental Counseling

    Campus children and adolescents with unusual behavior will be evaluated by Kaohsiung Hospital Medical University Psychiatry Department physician, and if necessary, referral and treatment. Educate teachers in detecting irregularities.

    2. Compulsory hospitalization

    District nurses, in cooperation with the fire department and the local police station will send dangerous patients with mental disorders to hospital (by force if necessary).

    3. Civil Defenses Organization Routine Training:

    Establish civil defense team (medical service team) composed of Health Station personnel and community members. Recruitment ongoing.

    4. Establish an Emergency Response Team

    In times of typhoons or other calamities, the Township office, police station, the Health Station and other institutions set up an emergency response team. Health Station personnel are on the standby. Typhoon Control Center : once typhoons hit, the Township office immediately sets up a Typhoon Control Center .
    Dengue Fever Prevention: The Township sanitation forces and village community chiefs conduct large scale community sanitation.